PG Diploma in Hospital Administration + Global Business Management

PG Diploma in Hospital Administration + Global Business Management


As a much-demanded Healthcare Management course, the Diploma in Hospital Administration imparts you the knowledge, applied skill and attitude to give an entry to the leadership, management and administration of hospitals, hospital networks and healthcare systems. This is a new concept in management stream. The course provides students with sufficient knowledge and skills to carry out the administrative operations of administrative, management and clinical support service departments. Candidates can get involved in the overall coordination of activities of the hospital. Thus, the Diploma course equips students with a solid foundation in healthcare administration enabling them to contribute to the efficient delivery of healthcare services.

A Hospital & Administration Diploma course at Future Educity is a specialized programme designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage and oversee the operations of healthcare facilities. The course focuses on the unique challenges and intricacies involved in healthcare management, combining elements of business administration with the specific requirements of the healthcare industry

Through a wide range of courses, the students will gain knowledge in healthcare systems and policies, including the structure and organization of healthcare systems, government regulations, and healthcare policies. The course covers healthcare operations and services, focusing on managing patient flow, appointment scheduling, healthcare information systems, medical records management, and hospital accreditation and compliance. Students will also learn about healthcare quality and patient safety, emphasizing quality improvement methodologies, patient satisfaction measurement, risk management, and infection control.

The course explores healthcare marketing and public relations, including branding, customer relationship management, patient engagement, and effective communication with stakeholders. Additionally, students will delve into health informatics and technology, examining electronic health records, health information exchange, data analytics, and the use of technology in healthcare delivery. Lastly, the course covers healthcare ethics and legal considerations, addressing patient privacy and confidentiality, informed consent, medical malpractice, and healthcare fraud and abuse.The Job profile includes Front Office staff, Operation Executive, Patient Relation Executive